‘Interview With The Vampire’ Has Already Been Renewed Before Premiering, And Here’s A Peek At Alexandra Daddario In Anne Rice’s ‘Mayfair Witches’

AMC’s Interview With The Vampire hasn’t even premiered yet (that happens on Oct. 2), but the powers that be saw fit to announce a renewal. A surprise move? Yes, this might seem a bit premature, but the show is very good and actually better than the movie (which obviously starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt). This updated version of the story does still largely take place beginning in 1900, but it also zooms ahead to 2022, where Louis (Jacob Anderson of Game of Thrones) is still telling his tales to the journalist (Eric Bogosian), who’s a bit exasperated at this point. It’s fun, and Sam Reid gives a more refined version of Lestat, but don’t worry, things still get wild. As well, Bailey Bass is incredible as young Claudia, who’s not as young as she was in the movie.

As stated already, AMC is feeling so confident about this revival that a second season is in the works, and the story will move to Europe. Via Variety, showrunner Rolin Jones (who adapted the Anne Rice book after she did so with the 1994 movie) issued a celebratory statement:

“Bulgaria. Romania. Paris. (Ah Paris!) San Francisco. New Orleans. Dubai. The writing staff of ‘Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire’ is honored, humbled, and hungry to add more stamps to our vamps’ passport books. All praises be to our fearless network, we shall endeavor not to screw it up.”

Likewise, AMC Networks original programming President Dan McDermott declared, “This stellar cast deliver powerful performances that emotionally connect us to these characters and their humanity.” That’s absolutely correct, and Louis is very updated and textured, as is his relationship with Lestat, which is explicitly queer and full of both fun and fury. I’m interested to see the audience reaction in only a few days.

In the meantime, AMC also revealed a still from another upcoming Anne Rice adaptation, Mayfair Witches. Here, we have Alexandra Daddario as a neurosurgeon who also happens to be a witchy heir and also happens to have discovered a massive crow on her windshield. Happens!

Alexandria Daddario Mayfair Witches

AMC’s ‘Interview With The Vampire’ premieres on Sunday, October 2 at 10:00pm EST. Mayfair Witches will arrive in 2023.