‘Inventing Anna’ Subject Anna Delvey Doesn’t Sound Like She Was A Fan Of The Netflix Series After All

Fake German heiress Anna Delvey (born Anna Sorokin), subject of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, hasn’t been having the greatest time of things lately. She served four years in prison(s) for defrauding New York City’s elite party people, went straight into ICE custody (for overstaying her visa), and caught Covid somewhere during that timeline. She ended up being deported to Frankfurt this weekend, but she squeezed in another podcast appearance being escorted across the pond, perhaps for good.

Anna previously revealed herself to be a fan of Julia Garner’s indelible, almost indescribable accent work (“She did a little too much… She really dove into the accent”), but it sure sounds like she did not enjoy how the show portrayed her as a whole. CNN reports that Delvey appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she told host Alex Cooper that, sure, maybe Anna Delvey lied, but not to that extent. There’s no word on how many claims of wire transfers actually transpired, but the show did take creative license, according to the mega-grifter herself. Did she lie, though?

“I guess I did,” Sorokin/Delvey admitted to Cooper. “I mean, I cannot tell an exact instance, but I’m sure.” Still, Sorokin insisted that she certainly never “told any senseless lies.” This distinction is a wild one, but she held onto it. “I was from Germany, which was true, but nobody ever asked me about my job,” Sorokin added. “Nobody asks who are your parents and how much money do they make. It’s just outrageous.”

From there, Anna didn’t acknowledge that she was about to be deported, but she did “joke” that she’d wed Kanye West in order to secure a green card. Well, I hear that he’s single, so it could happen.

(Via CNN)