Is Jimmy Fallon Trying to Get Fired?

In a themed week that precisely no one asked for, Jimmy Fallon is presiding over Chris Kattan Week at “Late Night,” allowing his former “Saturday Night Live” castmate to be a guest on the show every night this week. “So… remember when you played Mango?” is what Fallon will presumably ask on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Chris Kattan is on the show – and not only tonight…ALL WEEK! That’s right! He’s here all week, every night! [Late Night Blog]

I can only assume that the poor “Late Show” blogger is using exclamation points the same way that I do: to express sarcasm.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too mean. It’s possible that I’m cutting down Chris Kattan just because he’s unfunny and getting five times the TV exposure that could reasonably be justified for him. Watch his segment from last night and draw your own conclusions: