Is That Abed From ‘Community’ In The Background Of An Episode Of ‘Animal Practice’?

Eagle-eyed reader Jim brought something very important to our attention this morning: That appears to be Danny Pudi (Abed from Community) in the background of this shot from NBC’s short-lived monkey-comedy Animal Practice. (Around the 11-minute mark of the video below.)

Why is this important, you ask? Three reasons: One, any time we put the word “Community” in a headline a zillion people click on it and therefore PAGEVIEWZZZZZZZZ. Two, the aforementioned monkey co-star of Animal Practice was none other than Crystal, who also plays the pen-and-scene-stealing monkey Annie’s Boobs on Community. It would make me unreasonably happy if this comes up in an upcoming Greendale-related plot line. Danny Pudi has already appeared in the background of an episode of Cougar Town as part of the shows’ mutual love-fest, so there’s always a possibility this is just another example of that, but if he’s going to be on Animal Practice in character as Abed tracking down Annie’s Boobs in a veterinary clinic, well, that would be pretty great.

Oh, and the third reason this story is important is that it gives me an excuse to tell you all that Crystal the Monkey’s Wikipedia page has a section titled “Personal Life.” The Internet is the best.

UPDATE: Upon review it appears that this episode was directed by the show’s executive producer, Joe Russo, who has served as executive producer and director of Community as well. So four reasons, I guess.