Is This The Most Terrifying Episode Of Television Of All Time? Yes. Yes, It Is

News is super-thin today, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but if it makes you feel better, you can also blame Obamacare. So, rather than devoting yet another post to Mitt Romney’s use of “Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose” (and yes, he used it again yesterday in Iowa, even after Mrs. Coach told him NOT TO), I thought I’d just show my appreciation for the most terrifying episode in television history. Last night, Josh, Joanna, and I got to talking about best Halloween episodes on the Station Agents podcast, and while it’s not technically a Halloween episode, it did air in October 1996, the 11th, to be exact. I remember that night well, for it is the night that I watched television from a fetal ball.

For those who haven’t seen it, you don’t have to have seen any other episode of The X-Files to appreciate, or be terrified by the episode. It’s stand-alone, and it’s available on Netflix Instant. Basically, Scully and Mulder find a baby buried alive in shallow grave. The baby appears to have had multiple, multiple birth defects, and we subsequently find out that those birth defects are a result of generations of inbreeding.

“Home,” is the single most terrifying episode ever aired on network television, an episode you’d be wise to never watch alone, in the dark, late at night unless, of course, you enjoy the sensation of your own sh*t running down your leg, compliments of an elderly amputee charged with continuing the family line by screwing her deformed, mutant sons.

Inbred horror, folks. It doesn’t get more terrifying. If you don’t believe me, just ask ANYONE that’s watched it.

There’s even a cool fan-made trailer for the episode I found on YouTube?

Fun Fact: That episode was written by James Wong, who would go on to direct the first and third Final Destination movies.