It Just Got A Lot Easier To Multitask While Watching Netflix

07.15.14 4 Comments
Netflix Launches in Brazil - Press Conference

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“Ugh,” I imagine some of you have said at some point. “I really need to respond to emails and/or pay some bills and/or buy stuff on Amazon and/or see what people are saying on Twitter and/or do actual work and/or look at this GIF of a Russian kid dancing in a disco for another hour straight, but I also don’t want to stop watching Netflix even for a single solitary second. Whyyyyyy is life so haaaaaaarrrrrrrdddd?”

Well, good news, you poor hypothetically busy and/or ADD-riddled soul. Chrome just rolled out an extension called Netflix Enhancer that solves your problem.

The Netflix Enhancer extension available for Chrome adds a pop-out player, which anchors the screen of what you’re streaming to the bottom right corner of your monitor while you browse between other windows. You can resize the player as you wish to leave as much space as you want for other Web browsing. [Daily Dot]

B-b-but wait. It gets better. The extension also includes a randomizer feature, which selects an episode of a show of your choosing all willy-nilly-like and begins streaming it into your face without ever forcing you to make a decision. And thank God, too. You need to get back to half-assedly devoting your attention to all that other stuff you’re kinda doing.

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