It’s A Sad State Of Affairs When Two ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Attempt To Change A Tire

In a segment featuring former Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden, who wrote Book of Man: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to the Lost Art of Manhood, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade along with guest host, former Republican senator of Massachusetts Scott Brown, attempt to change a tire. Because changing a tire is a classic rite of manhood, you see, as demonstrated by the way Elisabeth Hasselbeck uselessly stands around to play the woman in distress.

Hasselbeck will be waiting a long time, though, if she’s got to rely on these two chuckleheads to change her tire. First of all, as they take the lugnuts off, they just start throwing them all over the ground willy nilly. Second, they don’t appear to have put on the parking brake, so the car almost falls off of the jack and crushes one of them. Then again, how could I possibly know what I’m talking about? I’m just a woman (teehee!) who learned how to change a tire from a lesbian friend in college.

(Via Jalopnik)