J.J. Abrams And Chewbacca Took The #TwizzlerChallenge, Still Not The Creepiest One

Want to see J.J. Abrams and Chewbacca go all Lady And The Tramp on a piece of licorice? Well, that’s a very specific fetish, trooper, but have we got a video for you. After Jimmy Kimmel and Rihanna did the #TwizzlerChallenge for autism awareness, Kimmel challenged Abrams to do a video, too. Future reference: be careful what you ask for, or you may end up with Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee Gifford kissing or other things we can’t unsee.

As with most of these Star Wars set videos from J.J. Abrams, what was happening in the background was more interesting than what Abrams was talking about. This time, they’ve got Boba Fett and other characters milling about behind some pipes and tanks. And another easter egg came at the end when Chewbacca mimicked a familiar gesture…

Damn, he’s smooth.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)