James Franco Attempted To Break Stephen Colbert Out Of Character Last Night

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07.31.14 10 Comments

Comedy Central

James Franco appeared on The Colbert Report last night to plug his new movie Child of God, and it was the usual making fun of James Franco-fest that happens whenever James Franco appears on The Colbert Report — with Stephen Colbert asking him if he plans to go back to General Hospital once he finishes his doctorate degree and pointing out that the actor appeared on a billboard in the background of the Colbert family holiday card. But just as the interview was wrapping up, Franco made an earnest attempt to ask about the Late Show and if he’s going to “go Democrat,” and Stephen Colbert shut that sh*t down. Nice try, Franco.

Also, while the Franco weirdness was pretty much at a minimum last night with him mostly grinning and giggling through Colbert’s questions — I did notice this. Why the hell is James Franco wearing a child’s friendship bracelets?


Comedy Central

F*ck it. I probably don’t even want to know. Here’s the whole interview:

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