Jason Alexander Recorded George Costanza’s Answering Machine Message For Kat Dennings

One of the things people who watch Seinfeld like to say about it is: “You couldn’t do this show anymore. Technology changed everything, brah.” They’re not wrong, except for ending a sentence with “brah.” “The Parking Garage,” “The Pool Guy,” and “The Bubble Boy” are classic episodes that would look very different if cell phones, Fandango, and GPS had been around then.

There is one famous scene involving an outdated form of technology that could still work, though. On last night’s The Late Late Show, host James Corden asked Jason Alexander to record George Costanza’s catchy-as-hell answering machine message for Kat Dennings’ cell phone. He did, and the 2 Broke Girls star now has the second best voicemail greeting ever, behind mine.

(It’s Angie Jordan yelling “HAM” for 20 seconds.)