Jason Biggs Tweets Jokes About Dead ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant, Basks In The Glow Of His Own Douchiness

Jason Biggs of American Pie and Orange is the New Black fame has a history of live-tweeting The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, and often in ways that rub some the wrong way. Usually, he limits himself to jokes about the contestants — making fun of their appearance, calling them special needs people, etc. — but last night, he went for the low blow. He made jokes about The Bachelorette contestant who died in a paragliding accident.

Here are the tweets that stirred the controversy.

As you might expect, given the sensitivities of the Internet, his followers lost their sh*t. I was going to go through and pick out the worst responses to his Tweets, but as it turns out, Biggs took care of that himself, retweeting those who took the most offense. That is either bold or doubles down on the douchiness, depending on what you think of Biggs:

Then, showing no remorse at all, he starts responding to some of the negative tweets like a blustery teenager.

And that, folks, is how you both WIN and LOSE at Twitter. Personally, I wasn’t bothered by that dumb jokes about the contestant who passed away, but retweeting negative tweets is the kind of attention-seeking douchiness generally reserved for the Nick Searcys of the world. You sure as hell don’t see Retta doing that, because Retta has some goddamn class. And if you’re going to troll your followers, at least be clever about it, like Patton Oswalt. Biggs is not as cleverly offensive as he thinks he is; he’s just kind of dumb.

Source: Twitter