Jason Segel Makes Questlove Lose It During A Game Of Word Sneak On ‘The Tonight Show’

Playing David Foster Wallace clearly rubbed off on Jason Segel in a good way, which got a chance to shine through in this game of Word Sneak on The Tonight Show. Instead of just attempting to blindly toss the words he’s charged with working into a conversation out at a random time, Segel has some fun with words like Gene Shalit and Activia (synergy and brand awareness in one segment).

It’s worth it because it gives us a chance to enjoy our new favorite Tonight Show pastime… watching Questlove lose his mind.

This particular Quest moment is more of a delayed reaction because he still has a job to do following the joke. Then, as the camera cuts back to Fallon and Segel, you hear the howls of laughter coming from the band. You have to find your joy somewhere, folks.

(Via The Tonight Show)