Jay Leno’s Return To ‘The Tonight Show’ Was The Perfect Time To Mock Jimmy Fallon

In case you hadn’t heard, Jay Leno returned to The Tonight Show for the first time after his retirement. Well, the first time in the flesh. He’s been back in spirit many times, but you can’t make many jokes about him haunting backstage because the show is in New York now.

He probably rode his motorcycle all the way to Long Island, parked it, then took the bus to 30 Rock to shoot this interview. All by himself. Jay Leno is just like you and me, folks. A company man and blue collar guy just working hard out there and having his dreams come true.

Now this isn’t the first time a late night host has returned to their former stomping grounds or appeared on another late night show. This just isn’t the venue I was hoping to see Leno make his post-retirement appearance. If he doesn’t appear on Letterman before he retires, I’ll be shocked. The ratings for that one will dwarf anything you could get for The Jimmy and Jay Chuckle Hour. He could even just pull a Johnny Carson and say nothing at all. Perfect.

Here’s the rest of the appearance, including the lovely Lucy Liu joining in on the Fallon mockery.