Jeff Bridges Covers Bob Dylan With A Very Dude-Like Version Of ‘The Man In Me’

Jeff Bridges showed off his musical chops during the filming for Crazy Heart and he’s rocked out plenty of times with his band The Abiders. So it’s not a surprise that he decided to play The Dude’s semi-theme song, “The Man In Me” while visiting Conan on Tuesday night. He was also looking at joining young guitarist Quinn Sullivan for a tune, offering him some praise near the beginning of his interview.

It all came together for Bridges when the pair joined with the Basic Cable Band to cover the Bob Dylan tune — something the host found out shortly before the show. The results could’ve been better, but it’s The Dude singing The Dude’s song and that’s not half bad. Bridges just seems to venture deeper into being a haywire old man each time he appears on TV, but he’s still a delight to see.

You can check out another performance with The Abiders below for comparison’s sake. I’m certainly not going to knock a guy like Bridges for an impromptu performance on late-night TV. It’s still better than anything we’ve heard out of other celebrities who have rock bands — looking right at you Russell Crowe. Also be sure to check out the interview with Jeff Bridges, worth seeking out.

(Via Team Coco)