Jeff Goldblum And Stephen Colbert Compare The New Wes Anderson Movie To A Meat Cake

In his review over at Film Drunk, Vince says that Wes Anderson’s new movie Grand Budapest Hotel “can feel like both his most sophisticated and his most immature work, his greatest visual achievement, and his most irritating precious costume party circle jerk. Every scene is like some intricate music box, with ornately costumed characters dancing whimsically on moving tracks while Gilded Age orientalist caricatures explode from windows and pop up from trap doors to spin around, glibly spouting archaic vernacular and reading bullet-pointed lists of curios.” On The Colbert Report, Jeff Goldblum and Colbert compared the film, and its setting, to a “meat cake.” No offense, Vince, but I’ll take “meat cake” every time.

As you can see in the banner image, Goldblum was his typical sheepishly coy Goldblum self: he went off on tangents that both make no sense and ALL the sense, and it’s up to you to follow along. Follow along like you would a baker running around with a meat cake. Anyway, this photo has never felt more appropriate.

You sure are.