Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd Claim They Weren’t Fired From ‘The View’ (They Were Totally Fired)

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd appeared on The View today for the first time since they both announced they totally got fired were leaving, and it went about as awkwardly as you might expect. After McCarthy bizarrely told the audience that they weren’t leaving after all, to which she immediately pulled a big PSYCHE when the audience got done cheering — the two went on to dispel the rumors that they had been fired. They took different approaches to this, with McCarthy stating that she was leaving for greener pastures, snottily adding in that she was going to be in direct competition with The View. So hold the phone here — if she was actually leaving on her own accord, wouldn’t there be some kind of non-compete clause in her contract or something? Right.

Shepherd, on the other hand, who has been on The View for about six years too long ever since that time she said that the earth was flat, gave a tearful explanation that was a bit more vague than McCarthy’s was, but said that she had been planning to leave since the spring. Because that’s exactly how you deliver news that you’ve known for months.

Oh well. Either way, I hope they’re both better at their new jobs then they are at lying.

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