Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy Does His Best Nancy Reagan In This ‘The Boys’ Parody Ad From The 1980s

The Boys‘ third season is nearly upon us, and fans are eager to see showrunner Eric Kripke reteam with Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who’s pulling a Soldier Boy here. Ackles had previously showed his stuff in costume after (gruffly) admitting that he’s exhausted to be ripped, but it’s all nearly about to happen. Granted, Chase Crawford’s worried that he might never work again after what The Deep soon does onscreen, but it’s nonetheless happening.

To further anticipation, here’s Eric Kripke’s tweet about how the show’s got a living time capsule (and a Captain America parody) on its hands in Soldier Boy. To showcase that vibe, the show’s released a Nancy-Reagan-style, 1980s PSA with Soldier Boy telling children that their biggest superpower is the ability to say “no.”

Of course, this ad puts Vought International’s hypocrisy on blast, given that its very own superheroes indulge in drugs on both a recreational (as we’ll likely again see in the upcoming “Herogasm” episode) and professional basis. Yup, I’m thinking about A-Train (and others), who essentially uses Compound V as a performance enhancing drug. And this ad sure gives us a feel for how Soldier Boy previously filled some shoes that Homelander does today. Here’s his glory days highlighted in a Payback-themed poster.

Soldier Boy previously led the group of Compound V-powered Supes called Payback. In the comics, Stormfront was part of that group, although god only knows if we’ll see her return in flashbacks or whatnot. Although Payback members are also failed candidates for The Seven, Kripke previously (to Entertainment Weekly) stressed the importance of how Payback “was the Seven before the Seven.”

The Boys are back (that’s obligatory phrasing) on June 3.