Jensen Ackles Showed Off His Jacked ‘The Boys’ Physique, And He Has The Workout Weariness To Prove It

Jensen Ackles is reteaming with Supernatural creator and original showrunner Erik Kripke for The Boys‘ third season, and so far, the physical reveals have been significant. Ackles previously teased a fresh-out-of-quarantine photo, which revealed a heavily unkempt beard. At the time, it wasn’t clear whether Ackles simply decided to not shave for much of the pandemic, or if his Soldier Boy character wouldn’t be as clean-shaven as in the comics. Kripke later confirmed that the mountain-man look was definitely real for the show, which is interesting because Soldier Boy leads the Payback (The Avengers parody) group and is a twist on the sometimes-bearded Captain America.

Well, Ackles is doing more besides maintaining that beard to embody Soldier Boy. He’s also pumping iron like a madman like a Supe, too, and he posted a video of his progress in the jacked-arms department. Since he’s a former CW guy, Ackles also tagged CW actors Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Grant Gust (The Flash) while writing, “I’m beginning to understand the struggle… Or maybe I’m just too old for this crap.”

No pain, no gain, right? Between Chris Hemsworth (jacked arms) and The Rock (jacked legs), we are simply buried in pumped-up dudes this week. And Ackles is adding extra grumbling to the mix, which makes his Supe reveal super charming, not to mention relatable. Working out is not fun, man.

Meanwhile, we also know that the sheer volume of fake blood will already be higher in Season 3, but Kripke reteaming with Ackles makes one wonder if we’ll see more Supernatural action on the show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, perhaps? He’ll be done with The Walking Dead relatively soon, and he won’t be doing the Batman thing, so Morgan might room in his schedule. Make it happen.

The Boys Season 3 has been shooting for several months. Hopefully, we’ll see a late 2021 release.