‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Is Preparing To Write A Book After Spending Some Of Her Winnings On A Fancy Bathtub

Historic Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider jumped into a Twitter Space last night to share updates on her post-game show life. When asked about her next steps, Schneider discussed the possibility of writing a book chronicling her experience on the show and beyond.

“I’m trying to put together a book proposal to see if that gets interest. That just really needs my focus. I’m really excited about it. The chance to put all the stuff I’ve been thinking my whole life into a book is kind of exciting,” Schneider said. There most definitely will be interest.

Schneider discussed her monumental winning streak last week with The New York Times, opening up about how strange the fame has been, and the whirlwind experience she has had since losing on Jan. 26th, after 40 episodes. “It wasn’t just a feeling of sadness, there was a sense of relief,” she said. “It was so exhausting.” She has garnered a strong social media fanbase, who have supported the winner beyond her historic streak.

The software engineer has also been sharing interesting tidbits about her time on the show, including why the producers had her dress a certain way, and her favorite pre-game track.

Of course, the fans of the show are always curious what kind of lavish and over-the-top thing a big-winning contestant will spend their small fortune on. When asked on Twitter, Schneider wholesomely responded, “We went to this really fancy, boutique hotel in Half Moon Bay, Calif., last Saturday night, specifically for its giant bathtubs.” This is a person who knows how to handle her winnings! Give her the book deal!