People Are Beside Themselves That Amy Schneider’s Stunning 40-Episode ‘Jeopardy!’ Winning Streak Is Over

All good things must come to an end and on the Jeopardy! episode that aired Wednesday, that’s exactly what happened. Amy Schneider, who’s ruled the roost since mid-November of last year, finally lost. It brought to a close the second-longest streak in the show’s history, and it made Schneider the first trans person to qualify for the show’s Tournament of Champions. Though she was bound to lose at some point, people on social media couldn’t help but mourn her departure.

At least it was a good loss: The person who usurped Schneider’s throne, Chicago librarian Rhone Talsma, was a strong competitor who gave his all. The turning point came late in, when Talsma scored a key Daily Double and answered correctly. He was still $10,000 behind Schneider entering into Final Jeopardy, but he was able to provide the correct question while Schneider was not.

Over the last two months, Schneider has proven to be yet another dynamic Jeopardy! champion. We’ve learned just about all there is to learn about her, from the tattoo she has to cover up on-air to the song she played to get her revved up for a win. When she was robbed in early January, people rallied around her.

So it was inevitable that people would take Schneider’s loss hard.

Some floated the idea of her taking over for departing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

The person who defeated her posted about his appearance back on Jan. 21, though he refrained from revealing the major spoiler.

Here’s what Schneider herself wrote on Jan. 19, a few days before she lost.

“Of all the things that have come out of my Jeopardy run, I will always be most proud of any good that I’ve managed to do for the trans community, so this acknowledgment means more than I can ever say,” Schneider wrote then.

Congrats on the historic run, Amy.