‘Jeopardy!’ Lost The Top Ratings Spot During Mike Richards’ Sole Week As The ‘Permanent’ Host

Before getting the axe as not just as the new permanent host of Jeopardy! but also the executive producer for the game show and Wheel of Fortune, the controversy-soaked Mike Richards filmed an entire week’s worth of episodes that aired earlier in the month, and now we get to see how he did. According to the latest ratings report, Richards’ sole week as the host of Jeopardy! cost the game show the number one spot, which went to Family Feud.

However, Jeopardy! did make some gains, but not because of Richards. Well, entirely. Via The Wrap:

“Jeopardy!” was the only game show to grow from the same week last year. With the return of champion Matt Amodio, who continued his 18-game winning streak to start the new season, the Sony quiz show rose 2% year over year.

There was likely some viewer intrigue for Amodio, and even more trainwreck tune-in for the lone Richards week.

In fairness to Richards, this is not the first time that Jeopardy! lost the top ratings spot since Alex Trebek’s death. Katie Couric earned that honor back in March, but she performed better than Richards when the show once again fell behind Family Feud. While Richards brought in a 5.1 rating with his second place week, Couric held strong at a 5.3 for a hard-fought loss to the Feud.

(Via The Wrap)