Jimmy Fallon Finally Explains The Horrific Finger Injury That Kept ‘The Tonight Show’ Off The Air

You may have noticed that The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon hasn’t been on in a few weeks, and that’s because Fallon has spent more time than you might think in an ICU for a HORRIFIC finger injury he suffered back in late June.

We heard it was a hand injury when reports first surfaced, and most of us probably didn’t think it was that serious. In reality, Fallon very nearly lost his ring finger. It took a six-hour microsurgery involving removing a vein from his foot and relocating it to his finger, plus 10 days in the ICU to save it. He still won’t get feeling back in his finger for eight more weeks.

The actual accident itself was silly. He tripped over a braided rug in his home and fell. When he tried to break his fall, he grabbed onto his counter, his ring got caught, and it basically PULLED HIS FINGER OFF. It’s called “ring avulsion.” NEVER, EVER GOOGLE THAT WORD.

He’s okay now, although Fallon talks about his time in the ICU, where he read books about the meaning of life and watched Real Housewives of New York. He was philosophical about it on the show last night, or at least as philosophical as you might expect from Jimmy Fallon.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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