Fallon And Timberlake Would Like To Dance You Through The Evolution Of Touchdown Celebrations

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09.11.13 13 Comments

Of all the reasons you can never say no when offered tickets to watch a filming of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon numero uno is that there’s a one out of ten chance Justin Timberlake will make an impromptu appearance. There will be singing and dancing and JT and you would have passed on the opportunity.

Last night, for instance, Timberlake dropped in to help Jimmy walk us through the evolution of end zone dances as the return of football is obviously warming their cold, dark hearts as much as it is ours. No vocals, but there is Jimmy Fallon doing the worm and a take on the football spin celebration all you diehard Swayze fans out there are sure to be replicating at home.

The “Justin Timberlake” (N’Sync) > The “Mante Te’o on a Date”

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