Celebrate Jimmy Fallon’s 40th Birthday With The Recurring Sketches That Are Already Late Night Staples

09.19.14 5 years ago 15 Comments
Any Tonight Show fan will tell you about the importance of having strong recurring sketches, Leno had “Headlines” and Conan had “In the Year 3ooo”– which is why when Jimmy Fallon took over in early 2014 there were no worries, because he arrived with a load of them, some old and some new. To celebrate Jimmy Fallon turning the big 40 today, we take a look at some of the standout sketches he’s brought to The Tonight Show.


Fallon and celebrity guests pair up to compete against other celebrities in actual games of Pictionary.

Suggestion Box

Audience members write suggestions to Fallon, and he makes their wishes come true. Where else could you see what George Clooney would look like if he was Walter White, or how Two Fun Men(Tonight Show writers Arthur Meyer and John Haskell) like to have “really fun.”

Box of Lies

Fallon and a guest can only see each others faces, and take turns trying to trick one another into believing what item they removed from the box they pulled from a shelf.

Pros and Cons

Fallon weighs the Pros and Cons typically of a major event or holiday approaching, and in some cases the benefits of “Being a Mayor on Crack” like Rob Ford.


Set up as a Teen Nick show, Fallon plays a young girl who has friends such as Taylor Swift, Seth Rogen, Michelle Obama, to name a few, come into her basement, and comments on “Ew” they think everything is.

Real People, Fake Arms

One of the best absurdest sketches The Tonight Show offers delves into the world of a Canadian soap opera called Jacob’s Patience, and shows how Fallon and whoever the celebrity guest is had difficulties working on the show because they had to use fake arms for one reason or another. It perfectly captures Fallon’s silly sense of humor, as it’s heart is a sketch about getting away with using mannequin arms as props.

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