Jimmy Fallon’s Going To Host ‘The Tonight Show’ Until At Least 2021

It’s been a rollercoaster year for Jimmy Fallon. From having something horrible happen to his finger (do not Google the condition) to being outsung by Christina Aguilera, the guy’s been through everything. And it’s not going to end anytime soon.

According to CNN, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and pop sensation has been signed on to do The Tonight Show every night for at least the next six years. Why? Because according to CNN and network bigwigs, Fallon’s “revolutionized the late night genre.” Here’s how:

Fallon has done this by creating sketches like “Lip Sync Battle” — a segment that pits the host against celebrity guests to see which can best lip sync a song — which have reached millions of people both on TV and on social media.

The comedian has led “The Tonight Show” to an average 3.8 million viewers in his tenure, which makes “Tonight” the number one show in late night TV, according to the network.


NBC’s chairman Robert Greenblatt said that Fallon’s “the best there is” and couldn’t be happier about this new development.  And if Fallon continues letting Lindsay Lohan come on the show to be destroyed by water, the audience won’t be disappointed either.

(Via CNN)