Jimmy Fallon Was Somehow Involved In A NYC Bar Fight Last Week, Then Bought Everyone Shots

This is kind of confusing, so just bear with me, here. Last Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon was somehow involved in a brawl in the East Village bar Niagara with some of his Tonight Show friends, despite being the affable “aw shucks” everyman that people love. This doesn’t add up. It’s like Kermit the Frog getting road rage. From the New York Post:

One source said, “There was some hostility from some people at the bar. Jimmy was not the aggressor, but he was caught up in it. It was broken up and Jimmy and his friends immediately left.”

Another added of Fallon’s night at Alphabet City hipster haven Niagara, “There was a kerfuffle, a dust-up amongst other patrons. Jimmy was caught up in it, but was not hurt and turned around and left. It was not caused by him and he was in and out in five minutes.”

Despite the previous night’s unpleasantness, Fallon again made headlines the following night, this time to a friendlier Chelsea bar. Also from the New York Post:

“Let’s go!” the Tonight Show host shouts, waving his arm above his head as a jukebox blasts “Runaround Sue.” “Shots for everyone!”

“He knows the owner of the bar,” our spy, Richie Alexander, explains of why Fallon was behind the bar. “I tried to buy him a shot, but he says he doesn’t do shots, so I bought him a beer,” said Alexander, who captured Fallon’s antics on video.

“I guess so many other people were offering to buy him a shot, that he just bought the whole bar a shot of vodka.”

I don’t think I can possibly imagine anything more Jimmy Fallon than blasting “Runaround Sue” and buying shots for everyone. Maybe if they were like “appletini” shots? Luckily someone caught the whole thing on video which was unfortunately shot vertically which I would expect more from someone hanging out in a trendy pub in New York City: