This Song From A Jimmy Fallon Audience Member About Fish Sex Is Pretty Incredible

07.10.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

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Jimmy Fallon has this game show segment that comes on every few months called “Battle Of The Instant Songwriters” and it’s pretty hit or miss. Bacially, they give two audience members an hour to come up with a song based on something arbitrary. This version featured a song on why fish can’t fall in love and another one called “Hot Dogs In My Bun.”

This had the potential for disaster, but the first contestant — Amanda from Brooklyn — was amazing. Her song about fish sex was so catchy and fantastic that I’ve been humming it since it aired.

The second contestant, Johnny, wasn’t too shabby himself with an ode to hot dogs going in buns. He kept it relatively classy and had a nice little tune out of it. Any man who can make “there’s a juicy little hot dog in my bun” sound decent is a star in the making.

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