Jimmy Kimmel Is SHOCKED That Classified Documents Were Found In Trump’s Storage Locker Alongside ‘Suits, Swords, And Wrestling Belts’

While Herschel “I’d Rather Be a Werewolf” Walker’s loss to Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate runoff election was the big news on Wednesday, a pretty big story about Donald Trump also emerged. As Jimmy Kimmel shared on Wednesday night, at least two more classified documents were found in a storage unit the former president keeps in Palm Beach.

As Kimmel explained, per The Washington Post, Trump’s legal team completed a search of both his Bedminster golf club and Trump Tower and came up with bupkis as far as any top-secret documents go. “They did a lot of digging, and all they came up with was an ex-wife,” said Kimmel — who we truly wish was joking. They did, however, find some classified info floating around another spot, Kimmel said:

While no top-secret files were found at the golf club in Bedminster or at Trump Tower, his team did find at least two classified documents in a storage locker he keeps in Palm Beach. According to a source, they found the documents alongside suits, swords, and wrestling belts.

You know, it’s a sad day when you realize your former president’s storage unit and your 5-year old son’s Christmas list are exactly the same.

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 2:35 mark.