Jimmy Kimmel Got Self-Proclaimed US Soccer Fans To Share Their Thoughts On Landon Donovan’s World Cup Play

The United States’ run at the World Cup, in which America’s team and fans alike exceeded the world’s expectations, came to a frustrating close yesterday. Not that any of the soccer superfans in the video above would know it.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew onto the street to poll self-proclaimed soccer fans about the World Cup performance of US standout Landon Donovan, who was unceremoniously left off the US roster but has managed to make plenty of headlines with words.

How did he perform? What was his best play? (That nasty tricycle kick, obviously.) Where were you when he scored off his butt? The questions just get sillier from there, but that doesn’t stop the lying liars from spouting hot takes and regurgitating the anti-LeBron toughness memes they saw on Facebook. One bozo even admits to crying during a pivotal Donovan moment. If you’re looking to make the case that America’s soccer fandom has turned the corner — which it most certainly has — this is not the video to support your claim.

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