'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Producer: No Topic Is Off Limits During Tonight's Interview With Rob Ford

Noted triumphant symbol of the power of democracy and illicit street drug connoisseur Rob Ford will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight as the show’s lead guest. I assume this is something that interests you, seeing the last time we had a headline that included both “Rob Ford” and “Live,” it was for this story. Just about anything could happen. Click back through the Rob Ford tag for a while if you doubt that. And as if all that weren’t enough, a producer on the show swears that “no topic is off limits.” OKAY.

The plan Monday is for the host to do a fairly straightforward “long form” interview with the mayor. “We are a comedy talk show but we’re also a day and date show,” says [<jkl Co-executive producer Jason] Schrift, who doubts Ford will be that familiar with the live, Hollywood, studio audience experience. “Jimmy’s been intrigued by this story and probably has a thousand questions — more now than ever.”

No topic is off limits, says Schrift, who praised the mayor’s staff for being fully co-operative. “All their cards are on the table and all our cards are on the table.” [Inside Toronto]

My prediction is that this is either going to be really, really good, with Rob Ford taking the stage and getting honest/weird until he finally says/does something that disintegrates the Internet once and for all, or it’ll be a big fat disappointment parade. No middle ground. We’ve come to expect too much from all of the parties here.

Don’t let me down, people.