'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Producer: No Topic Is Off Limits During Tonight's Interview With Rob Ford

03.03.14 4 Comments

Noted triumphant symbol of the power of democracy and illicit street drug connoisseur Rob Ford will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight as the show’s lead guest. I assume this is something that interests you, seeing the last time we had a headline that included both “Rob Ford” and “Live,” it was for this story. Just about anything could happen. Click back through the Rob Ford tag for a while if you doubt that. And as if all that weren’t enough, a producer on the show swears that “no topic is off limits.” OKAY.

The plan Monday is for the host to do a fairly straightforward “long form” interview with the mayor. “We are a comedy talk show but we’re also a day and date show,” says [<jkl Co-executive producer Jason] Schrift, who doubts Ford will be that familiar with the live, Hollywood, studio audience experience. “Jimmy’s been intrigued by this story and probably has a thousand questions — more now than ever.”

No topic is off limits, says Schrift, who praised the mayor’s staff for being fully co-operative. “All their cards are on the table and all our cards are on the table.” [Inside Toronto]

My prediction is that this is either going to be really, really good, with Rob Ford taking the stage and getting honest/weird until he finally says/does something that disintegrates the Internet once and for all, or it’ll be a big fat disappointment parade. No middle ground. We’ve come to expect too much from all of the parties here.

Don’t let me down, people.

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