Jimmy Kimmel Is Highly Amused That No Republicans Want To Be Seen With Serial Bullsh*tter George Santos While He Picks His Nose In Congress

Just when you thought the Republican party couldn’t find as bigly a liar as Donald Trump, along comes George Santos (if that really is his name). The newly elected Republican congressman from New York has lied about seemingly everything about his life and career, from his educational and work background to being Jewish and his mom dying on 9/11. He even lied about being sworn into congress yesterday! And Jimmy Kimmel cannot get enough.

On Tuesday night, Kimmel couldn’t wait to talk about the GOP’s newest serial fabulist, and his bizarre “first” day in congress. After spouting off the many lies that Santos has so far been caught in, Kimmel explained:

He basically catfished an entire congressional district. But despite all that, he did not resign. He showed up to his first day of work in Washington today where no one — not one of the many scoundrels wriggling around the House — wanted to sit with him… Imagine being so toxic, not even Matt Gaetz wants to sit next to you?

Instead, like the weird wedding guest you’re obligated to invite but sit at the kiddie table, Santos sat there in the midst of all the SOTH madness — beside a couple of actual children — yawning, playing with his phone, and, as Kimmel noted, “picking his nose and wiping it on his hand like a sweaty kid in middle school.” We only wish he was joking.

You can watch the full clip — and the painfully awkward footage of Santos — above, beginning around the 4:25 mark.