Jimmy Kimmel Spoke With The Woman In A Wheelchair Who Won A Treadmill On ‘The Price Is Right’

Earlier this week, possibly the most awkward thing in television history happened when The Price Is Right awarded a treadmill as a prize to a woman who has no feet. It was nobody’s fault, of course — just an unfortunate coincidence — but that didn’t stop the clip from blowing up on the internet.

On Wednesday night Jimmy Kimmel brought the woman, Danielle Perez, on his show to talk about her experience. As it turns out, Danielle is a lovely, funny woman (and also a comedian!) who found just as much humor in the situation as anyone else. Danielle said she’ll probably keep the treadmill, joking that she’ll use it as a piece of furniture “like everyone else does.”

Being that Kimmel is a swell guy, he gave her a prize she can actually use, an all-expenses-paid Royal Caribbean cruise with all wheelchair accessible amenities and entertainment. We hope she has a great time.

Here’s Danielle’s Twitter reaction to winning a treadmill on The Price Is Right: