John Mulaney Is Gearing Up For A Multi-Night Live ‘Comedically Unconventional’ Event On Netflix

John Mulaney‘s most recent Netflix special Baby J hit the streamer last year. Now that he’s moved on from baby to toddler, he is ready for a brand new batch of comedy specials, this time live from Los Angeles, famously the least funny place on Earth.

Mulaney’s latest endeavor will be John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s In LA, a new Netflix event which will consist of six installments featuring the Oh, Hello comedian as he “explores the city of Los Angeles during a week when every funny person is in it.” The term “funny” is subjective, but there will probably be some chuckles! Netflix teases that the special will be “comically unconventional” which is common in the state of California.

In a new ad for the special, they heavily imply (but do not confirm) that comedy legends like Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and David Letterman will appear in the special. It also features Mulaney doing his best John Hughes cosplay:

The series debuts live on May 3 from the annual Netflix is a Joke Fest, with additional episodes streaming May 6-10 at 10 p.m. EST on Netflix.

This is just Netflix’s latest venture into live streaming as the company has been experimenting with live televised events, like the recent SAG awards and other stand-up specials. All of this is just a trial run for the highly anticipated Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson event that will stream this July. Everyone’s been waiting for that one, right?

(Via Deadline)