John Mulaney Went On Twitter To Defend ‘Mulaney’

No matter how many times Mulaney breaks my heart, I keep wanting to give it another chance because of how much I respect John Mulaney’s comedy brain and how much I enjoyed his New in Town comedy special and the stuff that he wrote on Saturday Night Live. At some point, though, the choice may be taken out of my hands. FOX already cut their order for the show and while a lot of critics are similarly pulling for the once highly anticipated comedy, no one can deny its obvious shortcomings. Not even John Mulaney.

Earlier this week, Mulaney made light of his show’s likely demise while on @Midnight and today he took to twitter to make what feels like a final plea for people to ignore the noise and/or their previous read of the show to give it another chance.

Honest and to the point, my respect for Mulaney grows and I’m absolutely going to give his show another try. Not just because of John Mulaney’s plea, but because it sort of reminds me that these shows can grow and mature over time. It’s amusing because Mulaney is often compared in a negative way to it, but Seinfeld is the ultimate example. NBC could have easily canceled that show after its first 6 episodes. The audience wasn’t there and the show didn’t really know what it wanted to be yet. I feel the same way about Mulaney. Maybe the end result will be something positive like it was for Seinfeld, or maybe the show will continue to blow and I’ve committed myself to wasting a half an hour of my life. Everything is a gamble but John Mulaney co-created Stefon so I really have no choice but to keep rooting for him.

Source: Twitter