John Oliver Made Fun Of CNN’s Doomsday Video With Their Own Version Featuring Martin Sheen

Earlier this year, CNN’s doomsday video was leaked, which — in the event of an apocalyptic event and the end of human life on earth — would be the last thing ever to be aired on the 24-hour news network, as Ted Turner once promised: “We won’t be signing off until the world ends.”

As it turns out, CNN’s doomsday video was pretty f*cking depressing! In a nutshell, it featured a marching band in front of the White House playing supposedly the same music as when the Titanic sunk. So, John Oliver and Last Week Tonight decided to make a new video for CNN, featuring Martin Sheen and celebrating the best of mankind. Because, if I have to go out, I’d prefer it to be with an old-timey Western saloon with cat bartenders and cat cowboys.

America the beautiful! *wipes tear*