John Oliver Reading Warren G. Harding’s ‘Smutty F*ck Notes’ Is Making Us All Hot

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07.14.14 12 Comments

Before jumping into his big take of the night, John Oliver kicked off Last Week Tonight by having some fun with the recently unearthed love letters of arguably our all-time most worthless president, Warren G. Harding. And as Mr. Oliver quickly points out, when you dig in these you quickly discover they aren’t the whimsy-filled love letters of a philanderer the mainstream media is painting them out to be. Instead they’re “smutty f*ck notes” penned by a creepy old dude who named his dick.

“I’ll say this for Warren G. Harding, as a president he was terrible, but as an R&B lyricist he was way ahead of his time.” — John Oliver

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