Jon Hamm And Adam Scott’s ‘Greatest Event In TV History’ Was A Tribute To A Forgotten ’80s Classic

If you know more about Simon and Simon than its intro and general premise, you’re better at TV than I am. If you’ve never heard of Simon and Simon, you’re the BEST at TV because, honestly, Simon & Simon — a CBS series about two mismatched brothers who ran a private detective service; it ran for eight seasons — wasn’t good. (I say “honestly,” so as not to upset the Internet’s notorious Simon & Simon trolls TOO much.) So, why am I discussing a dumb series starring something called Jameson Parker that hasn’t been on TV for over 20 years? Well, it involves Jon Hamm, Adam Scott, Gus Van Sant, and The Greatest Event in TV History.

Last night, in Childrens Hospital normal midnight timeslot, Adult Swim aired The Greatest Event in TV History, a spectacle we’ve been talking about for months now, despite not having any idea of what said event would be. We’ll never forget you, Cowboy Jon Hamm and Green Suit Adam Scott. Anyway, the answer involved:

Scott and Hamm (mmm…scotch ham) staged a shot-by-shot recreation of the Simon & Simon intro, with help from not only Van Sant, but also Jeff Probst, Megan Mullally, Paul Scheer, Kathryn Hahn, and Paul Rudd, who uttered the instantly immortal line, “What is this? A f*cking Prince video?” For a one-note joke, I thought the Scheer-written special was pretty damn funny (watch the full thing below), though Don Draper acting like a total douche to Ben Wyatt will never not amuse me. Plus, it gave us the following GIFs:

Picture these two the next time you wail on your saxophone.

(Via Adult Swim)