Jon Hamm Is Walking Around Without Underwear As Don Draper Again

So here’s the thing: when normal men walk around without underwear, it’s disgusting. That thin layer of fabric is all that separates us from the animals, or at least the animals that wear pants but not underwear. Like Ed. You’re better than Ed, aren’t you? (Pipe down, Matt LeBlanc.) What I’m saying is, when you go out to buy a Popsicle or hot dog or various other phallic-shaped foods, wear boxers or briefs, anything to hide your Tom Petty parody song.

Unless you’re über-man Jon Hamm, in which case you can do whatever you want. No judgements here.

Legend has that it when the Hammaconda shows up, it’s going to be a warm winter. How do you feel about it, Pete?

Aw. He’s jealous.

(Banner via Getty Image, picture via Instagram)