Jon Snow Would Weep At The Majesty Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 FX Reel

I have good Game of Thrones news and I have bad Game of Thrones news. The bad: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie broke up. Actually, that’s only bad news for Jon Snow; it’s good news for all us Ygritte Heads. He probably spent all their time together moaning about open wounds and crying, which leads us to the other good news: the Game of Thrones season 3 FX reel has been released, and just like last year, it’s “mind-blowing.”

Though I’d also add “Jon Snow tear-inducingly gorgeous,” which is how all emotions will be weighed from now on.

Five-time Emmy nominated VFX Supervisor Doug Campbell and three-time Emmy nominated Supervising Producer, Luke Groves led Spin’s team to deliver over 200 shots for the season, including Mance Rayder’s Camp, CG crows, the 3D Unsullied Army, the Twins matte painting, and The Wall 3D environment.

Comprised of over 80 shots, Spin created a 700′ ft wall, a couple miles in length (real world scale) that would hold up from any distance and any angle. Spin then simulated the entire ice slide event, shooting it from all cameras set up in the sequence that created a sense of scale and continuity over the sequence, playing out the action in real time. (Via)

As for the throat slice during the Red Wedding, that actually happened. R.I.P. Cat.