Jon Stewart Fixed ‘The Daily Show’ Open For Neil deGrasse Tyson. Sort Of.

Ever since the internet’s favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, opened the viewing audience’s eyes to the hilarious flaw in The Daily Show’s graphic opening I take great pleasure in spotting the still-not-spinning-correctly globe and snickering “dummies” to myself. It’s the little things that give you a false sense of superiority.

So with Tyson making his first reappearance since the revelation last night I was very interested to see if the topic would come up again. And the soon-to-be-on-hiatus Stewart and team did not disappoint — in the sense that they addressed it, not in the sense that they actually spent cash money on a new graphic. See for yourself…

Yep. That settles it. Stewart-deGrasse Tyson are the new Kimmel-Damon. They discuss for a bit during Neil’s excellent segment that should watch if you want to KNOW THINGS, but not if you’re already scared senseless by the idea of death by asteroid (looking at you, Danger). Seriously though, they extended for two additional web-only segments thanks to the discussion being equal parts fascinating and educational. Also, Canada jabs!

Part two & part three. After full viewing I imagine you’ll probably be on board for some form of an asteroid deflection system that’s a bit more ambitious than shooting Bruce Willis’ drill team into space.

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