Jon Stewart On The GOP’s Promise Of Bipartisanship: ‘Total Bullsh*t’

01.30.14 5 years ago 43 Comments

I just got around to watching last night’s Daily Show during a quick break for lunch, and man am I disappointed I waited so long, as it features a classic Jon Stewart evisceration. The setup: if you watched any of the 8000 Republican responses to Obama’s State of the Union speech the other night, you probably noticed a common theme: “We just want to work with the president, but he won’t let us.” After playing a montage of clips displaying that general sentiment from Republicans, Stewart whipped out his knifes.

“The only problem with their ‘we just want to work with him’ is that it’s total bullsh*t. It’s total bullsh*t. Premium Grade A, grass fed, free range bullsh*t … collected and packaged by hand from the polished anuses of award winning Texas longhorns that have been bred for peristaltic perfection so that each individual dookie meets the exacting standards of the American Bullsh*t Association.”

The segment concluded with an impassioned defense of NY1, following a clip of a GOP congressman threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony.

On a related note, I could watch Jon Stewart do his Mitch McConnell impression all day long.

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