Jon Stewart Is Defending Bill O’Reilly Because ‘No One Is Watching Fox News For The Actual Truth’

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Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart once again pointed out the irony of scrutinizing the media coverage of wars — instead of say, scrutinizing the wars themselves — by reminding us what a pointless exercise it is to nitpick Bill O’Reilly’s war claims. As we know, O’Reilly has recently come under fire for maybe fibbing a little bit about what took place during his coverage of the Falklands and Argentinian conflicts for CBS.

But what is the dang point of this? As usual, Jon Stewart lays it down with a scathing take:

I don’t know if you watch his program… Misrepresenting “the zone” he’s in is kind of his hook. “You’re in the No Spin Zone” are the words he utters right before throwing to some jackass who disproves global warming by wandering around Boston pointing at snow.

In case you’re wondering, the “jackass” in question would be Jesse Watters, who did in fact travel to Boston this week to point at snow and dispute global warming. Whew! Glad to hear global warming has been disproved, everyone! At any rate, Jon Stewart goes on to say that we’ve been putting together a whole lot of effort to say, “The emperor has no clothes, when the emperor has spent like 20 years going, ‘Look at my dick, I’m naked!'”

I’m assuming his fruit basket from Bill O’Reilly is in the mail as we speak. Also, the fruit is rotten.