Jon Stewart Will Gift ‘The Late Show’ With His Presence During The Republican National Convention

Although The Daily Show is still around and doing well, the absence of Jon Stewart is still keenly felt. While he has popped up here and there since he vacated the host seat, his razor sharp commentary week to week is an painful absence in the current election cycle. Oh, the jokes that could have been. However, Stewart will be appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert again on July 18, which happens to be at the height of the Republican National Convention.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Stewart will definitely be making an appearance, but it is unknown in what capacity. Instead of the traditional format, Colbert will be hosting two weeks of live shows, the first in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, and the second in Philadelphia for The Democratic National Convention. While the broadcast will still be based in The Late Show‘s regular studio, there will be “on-site presence” for both. While Jon Stewart live from the RNC is probably too much to hope for, any presence is a welcome one. The former colleagues bring out the best in each other, so even if it’s just a riff on the latest Donald Trump news, this is definitely can’t miss television.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)