Jon Stewart Ripped Into Media Coverage Of The So-Called ‘Pollen Tsunami’

You know what’s really annoying? That time of year when plants start blasting their sexy pollen everywhere, making you itchy and congested and uncomfortable. You know what’s also annoying? The media’s incessant coverage of it, labeling the excessive pollen as anything from a “pollen tsunami” (the sensationalist term du jour), “pollen vortex,” “perfect storm,” or lambasting it as “one of the worst allergy seasons ever,” every year. As Jon Stewart said on last night’s Daily Show, “If it happens every year at the same time, that doesn’t really count as a perfect storm, just a f*cking storm.”

Oh, but here’s the super depressing part: Mike Tringale, senior vice president of the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, came out to school Jon because, as it turns out, every year is the worst allergy season ever, as global warming is causing the planet to heat up, therefore exponentially increasing the pollen yield every year. Of course, the media doesn’t mention that part, but now you know.