Jonathan Banks Has Joined The Cast Of ‘Better Call Saul’

We know very little about Better Call Saul, other than it’s premiering in November and it MIGHT feature courtroom scenes, so based on today’s news, that Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks has joined the cast, I think it’s about time we start writing our own pilot: we enter on a dirty basement. There’s a man tied to a chair, struggling to get away from a barely visible shadow in the opposite corner of the room. The shadow moves forward…getting…closer…and…closer…carrying with him…what appears to be a bag of some sort. The bag looks soggy, like it’s being weighed down with the evil that’s hiding inside. The man in the chair tries to shout, but his mouth is gagged. The shadow is now inches, INCHES, away from his face, and he says…

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Banks will be a series regular on the show conceived by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad writer-producer Peter Gould. The prequel series, slated to debut on AMC in November, will chronicle the evolution of Saul before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer. The deal with Banks means that Saul will have his trusted private investigator/fixer Michael “Mike” Ehrmantraut by his side. (Via)

…anyway, he says, “I leave you and your nice lady friend for 20 minutes to grab us Cinnabons and look what happens to you, Saul. Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” Mike eats both Cinnabons.

Via Deadline