Judd Apatow Might Be Developing A Comedy For Hulu Starring Gillian Jacobs

06.27.14 10 Comments

Lotta maybes and possiblys here, so buckle in.

According to Vulture, Judd Apatow has written a pilot script called Love, with the assistance of Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Leslie Arfin and actor/writer Paul Rust, who would co-star in the project with Gillian Jacobs from Community. The word is that Hulu is in talks to buy the series, and if they do, Brent Forrester (who has worked on The Simpsons and Apatow’s old Fox series Undeclared) will be brought in as showrunner. As for the plot…

A person familiar with the pilot script describes Love as a character-based comedy revolving around relationships, romantic and otherwise, with one (very messed-up) couple in particular at the center. And, because this is Judd Apatow, the pilot script has a couple of bad words and talks a little bit about s-e-x.

The main sticking point — besides the fact that the deal isn’t done yet and a meteor could hit Earth and wipe us all out before the cameras start rolling, which is always a concern — is that Jacobs’s is still under contract for Community, and if someone swoops in and picks it up for a miracle sixth season before the June 30 deadline, she would presumably be out. Of course, Hulu could always change its mind and be the Community-picker-upper, and then let her do both, conceivably. Who knows? And let’s not get bogged down in contractual mummbo-jumbo right now, anyway. The point is that this sounds kind of cool, which is all you can really ask for from prospective television shows.

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