Judge Judy Is Creating A Scripted Show About Her Life

If you’ve ever spent a weekday sick on the couch, mindlessly surfing channels, there is a better than not chance that you’ve come across Judge Judy. Judy Sheindlin has been dealing with morons in the finest court television around since 1996, and it looks like we’re finally getting some (scripted) backstory on her life and career. After long being hailed as the queen of daytime television, Judge Judy is taking her life story to CBS with a new scripted drama, Her Honor. According to Variety, the show will focus on her time as the youngest judge in New York while working in Family Court, and because it is a CBS procedural, she just can’t keep her personal life together.

Sheindlin will be closely involved on the project, co-writing the pilot with longtime Law & Order writer Michael Chernuchin. It makes sense that CBS would be the home for this show, as Judge Judy currently rakes in $47 million a year for Sheindlin on the CBS Television Studios, with whom she has a contract through 2020. CBS also has Bull, being released this fall, about the early career of Dr. Phil, so it looks like their is embracing a new trend.

Honestly, though, the real question that needs to be answered is whether or not we’ll be getting more incredible gifs.

(Via Variety)