How Accurate Are Those TV Show Quizzes? Not At All, According To Jason Alexander

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02.24.14 7 Comments


If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ve probably seen them by now. Whether BuzzFeed, Zimbio or some other website, there’s little chance that you’ve been able to avoid the quizzes that have been telling your friends, family members and co-workers which characters they are from their favorite TV shows and movies, based on a series of questions that loosely guide people to their fictional fate. Strangely enough, in all of the quizzes that I’ve taken, I’ve been given the dead characters.

But is there any actual relevancy to these quizzes? Do they seriously take our best and worst characteristics and translate them to those of the TV show characters so we can accurately determine whether we’re more like Joffrey or Samantha? Actor and Seinfeld star Jason Alexander decided to put Zimbio’s Seinfeld personality quiz to the test, and you can stuff his results in a sack, mister.

Sadly, my result was Fulton. Would you say that’s accurate, George Costanza?

George Costanza No

Serenity now. The Friends quiz later.

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