Just How Many Famous Actresses Has Adam Duritz Inexplicably Dated?

How are you feeling today? Good? Happy? Young? Well, you’re not — YOU’RE OLD. Here’s why.

Yup, that’s Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz, he of the saddest dreads known to bird- and mankind, on the cover of AARP, celebrating his 50th birthday, which is today. To pile on, the band’s THIRD album, This Desert Life (featuring their best song, “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby”), turns 15 this year. It was during the Desert tour that I went to my first Crows show, and then went on to see them six more time over the next five years. I mention that to prove I’m not a Counting Crows hater — more of a Counting Crows self-loather, if anything — so I say this with a certain amount of begrudging respect and/or wonder: how the hell did Adam Duritz get some from so many gorgeous ladies?

Here’s a partial list of famous females Duritz dated:

-Courteney Cox
-Mary-Louise Parker
-Jennifer Aniston
-Monica Potter
-Samantha Mathis

As for rumored flings Christina Applegate and Winona Ryder:

What about Christina Applegate? “We never dated – she was my landlady when I was living in LA!” Fine, how about Winona Ryder? “I did know her,” he concedes, “but she was dating my friend Ryan Adams and watching that was lesson enough to never, ever, ever to date her.” (Via)

Just knowing Winona Ryder counts as being the luckiest man alive. Anyway, his streak extended into the late 2000s with Emmy Rossum.

So what did we learn here? It pays to be the weepy guy in the coffee shop with a guitar and dreads.