'Justified' Recap And Q&A With Writer VJ Boyd

Last night’s episode, “Measures,” had a whole heap of things going on. Instead of giving you a brief rundown up top, or a collection of my lunatic theories about the episode, we’re going to get right into the bullet points this week. I can’t even wait until next Tuesday.

  • Art and Raylan! Tim and Rachel! This episode had a very high “Crimefighting teams that I would watch a spin-off about even if the whole show is just them hanging out on stakeouts every week” quotient.
  • “Art, I already got a daddy.” “Yeah, I’ve met your daddy.” “Fair enough, continue.”
  • #TeamBartender, its membership swelling like a bee sting, appears to be a force to be reckoned with.
  • A Detroit hitman played by awesomely-named character actor Michael Ironside.
  • For real though, Dickie Bennett’s hair, y’all. Jesus. It looks like a blind person took a handheld blender to the head of a 7-year-old who hasn’t bathed in a week and just woke up. I could write about this all day.
  • Drug dealers brandishing samurai swords.
  • Scheming hookers with their eyes on the crown.
  • “You can’t have the Duffy without the Wynn.”
  • “I ain’t some half-wit gun thug.” “I ain’t some half-wit gun thug neither.”
  • Weird discussions about keeping ears in pockets and who does and does not look like a husky. (Important image on the next page.)
  • A scene between Quarles and Limehouse that I described in my notes as “full of exclamation points.”
  • A man with a particular set of skills, eh? BOYD CROWDER = LIAM NEESON.

GIFs by Chet Manley can be found on the next page. Also, writer VJ Boyd will be joining us for a conversation in the comments for a second week in a row. He’ll be in and out throughout the day, so feel free to load up your questions and check back later to see if he got to them. Most of my questions are going to be about the bartender, and whether or not VJ thinks Limehouse slaughters his hogs in the traditional manner, or if he just gives a terrifying speech to them until they all have heart attacks and die.


Quarles is naked and tied to a bed? Looks like turnabout is fair play. Violent, perverted play, but fair.

<3 u, Dickie. (REMINDER: This is still my favorite Dickie GIF.)

Hand to God, if we ever get the actor who plays Dickie (Jeremy Davies) in a Q&A here, I will ask him no fewer than 75 questions about his hair in this episode.

It’s like the old saying, don’t bring a samurai sword that your ancestors took off a dead officer in Okinawa to a “rail gun hidden in your suit jacket” fight.

Quarles is terrifying.

Finally, thanks to Karen for making this Quarles/husky image and passing it along. It has officially made my day.